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Portfolio Manager at Elliott Management Corporation

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Elliott Management Corp. Boosts Celesio’s Stock Price

Jesse Cohn serves as a portfolio manager at Elliott Management Corporation, a $23-billion hedge fund firm based in New York. With the firm since 2004, Jesse Cohn also oversees its US equity activst campaigns.

In 2013, Elliott took a 10.4% stake in Riverbed Technology Inc., a leader in the WAN optimization market. Elliott indicated in public filings that it intended to discuss with Riverbed ways to maximize value for stockholders. Riverbed installed a shareholder rights plan or “poison pill” to prevent Elliott from buying more, an act which is generally seen a defensive by management teams. Elliott continues to have a dialogue with Riverbed and many market participants anticipate that Elliott will unlock value. Riverbed’s stock is up approximately 15% since Elliott took its stake.

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The BMC Software Buyout

For nearly a decade, Jesse Cohn has provided his insights regarding technology companies to the investment firm Elliott Management Corporation. Currently a portfolio manager, Jesse Cohn played a role in the recent buyout of BMC Software, Inc. 

Founded in 1980, BMC Software has become a leader in information technology solutions, working with more than 20,000 clients around the world. Offering virtual, cloud, and mainframe services, the firm earns over $2 billion in revenue every year. The company went public in 1988, but BMC Software was bought out by four private investors in 2013.

The transaction involved Bain Capital, Golden Gate Capital, GIC Special Investments Pte Ltd, and Insight Venture Partners jointly purchasing the firm for $6.9 billion. Prior to the arrangement, Elliott Management owned 9.6% percent of BMC Software common stock, which made it the second largest shareholder. It encouraged BMC Software to seek a private buyout. During negotiations, Elliott Management agreed to vote in favor of the buyout.

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